Premium Lightweight Concrete
in Westlake, OH

        Here at SchabelTech we are redefining lightweight concrete.  We pride ourselves on providing innovative premium lightweight concrete that improves project performance and profitability. Our versatile lightweight concrete products are engineered to extreme accuracies with consistent characteristics, specifically designed to benefit the contractor, worker, owner and the environment. Our flagship lightweight concrete is approximately 20% less than the density of standard concrete, and yet it provides equivalent strengths and other advantages.

      Commercial, industrial and residential customers can rely on our excellent customer support team to answer any questions or concerns regarding our cutting-edge materials. Our products are different than most common alternatives in that they generally:

       Weigh less

       Use less silica sand

       Use less water

       Have faster set times

       Have higher compressive strengths

       Provide insulative characteristics

       Pump, pour and trowel easily

       Improve bottom-line margin on projects

       Promote worker safety

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All-In-One Premium Lightweight Concrete Solution

Premium Lightweight Concrete by SchabelTech is an all-in-one solution that only requires the addition of water. This streamlines your project planning, accounting and project delivery. Thanks to our strengths and densities, we provide many benefits for the following industries:

o   Flooring Underlayment

o   Pre-cast / Tilt-up

o   Cementing

o   Roof Tiles


Premium lightweight concrete was invented with your bottom line in mind. Benefit from our competitive prices and cost-saving performance features.


After properly preparing the job, simply add water and pump or pour – no additional materials required.  


Whatever your concrete specs, premium lightweight concrete by SchabelTech is an excellent choice. Our products provide the competitive advantages your business requires.