Premium Lightweight Concrete
in Westlake, OH

     Do you wish concrete could be lightweight and easier to use?  Here at SchabelTech we are redefining lightweight concrete.  Our flagship premium lightweight concrete is approximately 20% less than the density of standard concrete alternatives.

     Our products are all-in-one, just add water, resulting in:

  • Less wasted materials
  • Efficient project planning
  • Streamlined accounting
  • Less water required than conventional concrete for underlayments (approximately 40% less than standard concrete)  

         Our products are self-leveling, pumpable and easy to trowel

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    Engineered to Build

         Whether you need strong and lightweight materials for below grade (oil & gas, mining or commercial construction), on the surface (flooring underlayment, precast or tilt-up) or overhead (roof tiles), we have the lightweight concrete you need.

    Call us today; we look forward to making your next project more affordable, efficient and easier.

    Are you looking to order an ultra-lightweight concrete? Call us today at (440) 462-1500 to order our low-density lightweight concrete product. Our friendly and dedicated staff is ready to take your call.